Youth Workshops on Global Learning through Football

As a national follow up to the first phase of the Football for Development project , the Austrian based FairPlay. Different Colours. One Game initiative started implementing the project Fussball für Entwicklung

As a direct follow up to the European education project “Football for Development” (2009-2011)  FairPlay is currently conducting a one-year global education initiative on a national level. The project is funded by the Austrian Development Cooperation. Up to now, FairPlay organised two trainings for a group of 15 young workshop facilitators and produced a new a workshop flyer which was sent out to 800 youth-relevant  institutions around Austria. In addition 30 workshops will be held in youth centers and in the framework of the summer “Starcamps” hosted by the Austrian players union VDF.

The workshops which are mainly targeting organisations in the non-formal extracurricular area are building the core of the project. Its content and structure is based on the themes developed during the “Football for Development” project, only with slight methodological adaptations considering the non-formal education area.  

At each workshop the youth leaders and coaches receive a German copy of the teacher’s manual designed by the Czech partner INEX-SDA for the Football for Development project. The teacher’s manual is also sent to interested stakeholders and multipliers. In addition, partnerships with public institutions and NGOs are established and strengthened.  

David Hudelist | FairPlay-VIDC
+43-1-713 35 94-72
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Download of workshop flyer (German only

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